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Actionable Steps if You Are Getting Laid Off (Or Think You Might Be)

Layoffs, RIF’s, Downsizing…it sucks when it happens. My goal for this document is to make things suck a little less by providing an actionable set of steps for those impacted by the loss of work, or job role. Hopefully, this makes whatever situation you’re in feel less messy. This guide is based on what I would do if I were personally impacted by a layoff. 

Networking Templates

Networking will help you generate interview opportunities, grow relationships with professionals in your target industries, and increase profile views from interested audiences. You can start seeing results by using our templates in this free guide.

Resume Template

Build a resume that effectively separates you from the average candidate, and markets the best of what you have to offer a target audience. Remember, everything on a resume should earn its place. Ensure you’re strategic with what gets attention.

Adam Broda

Founder of Broda Coaching
Career Transition Specialist

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