About Me

I’ve spent the last decade in people leadership, development, and hiring positions between two companies; one in aerospace and manufacturing, the other in big tech and product development. I’ve worked with recruiting firms, universities, even start-ups to learn the best paths for job seekers at each level. After 10+ years learning how to be successful on both sides of the hiring process I want to share what I've learned with you.

Broda Coaching started, as a concept, at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic as I began considering a career transition side business.

Coaching has been a passion of mine since 2014 when I became a people manager, and as much of the world began to shut down into 2020, I realized many job seekers needed help.

I had just completed a career transition of my own from Aerospace (Boeing) into Big Tech (Amazon). I rolled my personal job-seeking strategies, based on my knowledge as a hiring manager, into my very first coaching package, and Broda Coaching was launched in early 2020.


Approach to Coaching

The BC system focuses on identifying the most valuable/attractive aspects of our clients skills, abilities, and past experiences through the eye of the ideal hiring audience. We teach our customers to think like the hiring team, and help them identify and close the gaps standing in the way of landing their dream job. Our coaching system drills down on three specific topics: Branding, Networking, and Value-Leveraging.

Focus on Tech & Engineering

In addition to our coach’s professional history and expertise, BC leans heavily towards technology and engineering industries. Hence, our ideal clients are generally interested in these fields as our coaches can speak from personal experience when giving advice. We don't reject clients coming from or going towards other industries, yet we’ll be able to speak less from personal experience and rely more on general principles.

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