CTM #001 - Nov. 2022 Jobs Report, Who's Hiring & Using Email to Drive Connections

Dec 14, 2022

Part 1 - The November Jobs Report (3 min read):

While it was a dismal month for Big Tech companies (Meta, Twitter, Amazon, etc.), let's focus on the positives. Firms are still hiring, and even more importantly...industries are growing (as opposed to shrinking, like the tech space). Here's what job seekers need to know:

What has the general US jobs market been doing lately?

- US hiring overall declined by 10.6% in the past year, according to LinkedIn data. That said, the job growth pace is still strong by historical standards.

- The US economy added 261,000 jobs in October — the smallest addition since December 2020, but significantly higher than the pre-pandemic monthly average of 164,000. 

- Hiring freezes and downsizing have hit most industries, but the biggest outlier is the utilities sector (e.g. gas, electric, energy, water, etc.). Hiring in utilities is up 23.3% in the past year.

*data sources: LinkedIn, Money.com

What job markets are growing right now, despite the economy?

- Healthcare: LinkedIn also found hiring grew last month in hospitals and healthcare - one of the industries suffering the least in 2022 with a hiring decline of 5.1%. Medical care is a basic spending area for most families.

- Education & Consumer Services: In October, hiring also increased in consumer services, education, government administration, farming, and forestry. Industries making money from services are performing better than those focused on selling goods (reflecting a consumer buying shift). 

- Utilities: Hiring is up in energy transmission and distribution, as utility providers work to keep up with demand from consumers and businesses.  A typical recession-proof sector, as people need light, heat, power and water. In particular, hiring is up significantly in renewable energy careers and in “grid hardening,” which refers to the effort to make utility infrastructure more resilient to natural disasters and weather.

- Others: Indeed tracks job openings based on occupation, and their latest data shows 2022 job postings have increased in civil engineering (21.5%), sports (15.4%), beauty & wellness (13.5%), and dental (12.4%). All occupations typically involving work done in person.

Where can I go for real-time information on open jobs, and company postings?

-Levels has a fantastic jobs board, and a team to help keep it current:

-In a similar fashion, Jobscan maintains a great jobs board:

-For those looking for remote work, check out flexjobs:


PRO TIP: As a side note, becarefull when using job sites like Glassdoor, Indeed, LinkedIn, or others. In many cases, frozen or cancelled job reqs are not removed or updated on third-party sites like these very quickly (if at all). Always double-check an opening on the company's own careers site before you apply.

Part 2 - Actionable Tip (2 min read):

Great networking is the backbone of an effective job search strategy. But many have trouble getting potential connections to respond on LinkedIn. If this is you, don't worry, it's extremely common.

When we teach 'networking foundations' in our course, we typically reserve this option for people you know but don’t have contact information for, or critical contacts you’d like to connect with, but are not active on LinkedIn (i.e. - they won't respond to messages).

The method is called "mail scooping" - and the objective is to find the personal email address associated with the individual's LinkedIn Profile, and reach out through that channel.

There are several ways to do this effectively:

Method 1 – Use an online email scooping tool:

https://cultivatedculture.com/mailscoop/ or https://hunter.io/

Method 2 – Ask an existing contact in your network at the same firm for your target's email address – It's simple but highly effective.

Method 3 – Check LinkedIn, and Other Social Media for any contact info, web pages, or company links. If they have a large following, try checking to see if they have a newsletter, and follow/subscribe. You can also try online tools like:

http://www.guesser.email/ or https://www.peoplesmart.com/email

Method 4 – Use LinkedIn. Go to their profile, check “Contact Info”, and see if they’ve made it publicly available. You can also use LinkedIn Sales Navigator. 

Once you've identified their email address, you've created another channel to get in touch. Take note that this person hasn’t actually given you their personal contact info, so it’s entirely possible they are surprised you have when you reach out, be weary of this going in, as our goal isn’t to upset them that you have their info. We recommend you use a tool like https://www.yesware.com/ to track your email exchanges. It might take several follow-ups to get a response, and that’s okay.


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