Career Transition: At Your Own Pace

The customized, in-person 1:1 coaching could be outside the price range of the average student or international fresher. For this reason, BC created alternative, lower-cost, higher flexibility options for Career Transition coaching. We’ve taken the highly effective 1:1 materials developed over the last three years and packaged them into systems that make major impact for a variety of audiences anytime, anywhere.

Career Transition Course
Digital Interview Guide

Learn to Change Careers Like a Hiring Manager

We poured our 1:1 coaching materials (developed over 2 years, with hundreds of successful clients) into an online, low-cost coaching program that clients can take on their own time. The course features 6 modules, 195 lessons, over 20 downloadable files and templates, and access to the BC career change community.

Learn how to create a job-seeking strategy
Define target companies and job roles
Building branding and marketing schemes
Master the art of selling value and results
Create crazy-effective resumes & LinkedIn profiles
Learn our multi-faceted networking strategy
Master our system for standing out during interviews

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  • 6 Modules, 194 Lessons
  • 20+ Downloadable Templates
  • Access to Coaching Community
  • Lifetime Access

Don't miss this opportunity to get in while the costs are low.

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Interview Guide



We understand the immense pressure many job-seeking candidates feel as they prepare for an interview, mainly because we’ve been there. That’s exactly why we created “The Hiring Manager’s Guide to Interview Prep", a 58-page long guide for you to succeed on your own and bring you one step closer to your career goals!

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Adam Broda

Founder of Broda Coaching
Career Transition Specialist

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