$35.00 USD

The Hiring Managers Guide to Interview Prep

At Broda Coaching, we understand the immense pressure many job-seeking candidates feel as they prepare for an interview, mainly because we’ve been there too.

If you’re fortunate enough to get selected, we know it can feel overwhelming to try an capture your skills, relevancy, and character in a simple 60-minute conversation: as if your future success hung in the balance of the outcome. We get it.

That’s exactly why we created “The Hiring Manager’s Guide to Interview Prep.” We built our guide as a low-cost option for those who still need help, but can’t afford professional coaching. It’s almost everything we cover with our full-time clients, with the exception of “mock-interview” sessions, and it’s written from the perspective of someone making the hiring decision.

We think this action-packed, 58 page DIY guide has almost all of the value of working with a coach, for 10% of the cost.

Hope you enjoy “The Hiring Manager’s Guide to Interview Prep” and it brings you one step closer to your career goals!